NPM 2008 Poetry in the Classroom

Here you will find the collected links for my 2008 National Poetry Month Project in which I highlighted a poem, a theme, a book, or a poet and suggested ways to make poetry a regular part of life in the classroom.


Quiet, Little Books
Voices From Other Lands
Who Was the Woman Who Wore the Hat?
America at War
Counting Books and Poetry
Fold and Bend
Between Cultures: Part 2...
Between Cultures: Part 1...
Where in the Wild?
Colorful Poetry
Books and Reading
Animals Abound
School Daze
Mud, Stone and Fossil Bo...
Poetry Aloud
Through the Year
Reaching for the Moon
A Wreath for Emmett Till...
The City Life
Writing Poetry
Dear Mr. Rosenwald
Hummingbird Nest
Anthologies in Math and Science
Rulers of the Earth
Lighting it Up
Ordinary Things
A World of Wonders
Animal Senses
Concrete Poems
The World's Greatest Poe...

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