Monday, May 07, 2007

Learning in the Great Outdoors: Second Edition

Alone on a Limb has just published A Nature Walk at School, the second carnival of environmental education. This edition begins with a little research in the library (including a link to a series by yours truly), heads out the garden door for a look at poison ivy, trees, nature study groups and more, reminds you not to forget your camera as you take in the sites, and finishes back inside with a look at some web sites for great new ideas.

If you are interested in outdoor education for a traditional classroom setting, the homeschool crowd, or are just plain interested in nature, click on over for a real treat.

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  1. Thanks, thanks, thanks! For your excellent posts, for sharing them with Learning in the Great Outdoors, and for promoting LIGO on The Miss Rumphius Effect. I am very hopeful that LIGO can become a real boon to outdoor educators - both the formal and informal sort.

    I'm now off, eighth year in a row, for three days with fourth graders (117 this time) into the wilds of Lookout Mountain and the Little River in Alabama.