Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sadness About HP Leaks

The Baltimore Sun just posted an article entitled An Inevitable Ending to Harry Potter Series. I refuse to link to it, and didn't read beyond this note of introduction.
Editor's Note: A hard copy of the book was obtained by The Sun yesterday through legal and ordinary means. The reviewer read the book overnight and wrote this review this afternoon.
Legal and ordinary means? I find it hard to believe that anyone was granted access to the book before the official release date/time. Sadly, I will now stop reading anything related to HP 7. I simply don't want the experience of reading the last book spoiled by anyone.


  1. Tricia, did you see that Michiko Kakutani has already reviewed it for the NYTimes, too? Apparently some bookstores sold copies early...and she got one. I saw the first line and realized I didn't want to read further. Spoilers don't normally trouble me--I can enjoy a movie when I know how it will end--but I'm with you on preserving the mystery on this one.

  2. Hi Libby,
    I get the Times feed and saw it last night. I also avoided this one. I'm in dire need of my NPR fix right now, but I've even decided to stop listening for fear of a spoiler.

  3. Yes, I laughed at all these "simple," ordinary," and "legal," ways some of these earlier reviewers claimed to have obtained their Harry Potter books. I would love to know what bookstore it was that that Times reviewer walked into last Wednesday and just happened to find a HP7 copy for sale.

    Personally, I just made a point to steer clear of all the reviews before reading the book, but it's frustrating nonetheless.