Monday, April 23, 2018

NPM 4-23: Names

Spoken word poetry sometimes brings me to my knees.

Happy Monday all.


  1. I think if I ever had the opportunity to attend a Button Poetry competition in person I would have to sit backstage, because I can rarely hear spoken word poetry without chills or tears. This ...hurts.

    I'm so grateful that we kept my sister's name when she was adopted; sometimes it's hard when there is no name, and so we moved her surname as her middle name... I'm grateful that we kept as much of a grip as we could on her birth mother, who was elusive, and herself in the grip of addiction. Mostly, I'm grateful my sister found her own half sister on Facebook, and so she maybe has someone with whom to navigate the bitterness I hear in this Rachel's words.

  2. My adoption papers list me as Baby Cross. No first name is listed. I suppose I'm grateful my parents had the chance to name me, but I do feel the weight of Rachel's words. At nearly 53 I'm still wondering about my roots.