Friday, June 27, 2008

Poetry Friday - Silver Wind

I have been reading my way through a copy of Smoke and Steel by Carl Sandburg. Many of the places described are close to home, so it's making me even more anxious for my annual summer sojourn to western New York. Today I am sharing a poem from the section Mist Forms.
Silver Wind
by Carl Sandburg

Do you know how the dream looms? how if summer misses one of us the two of us miss summer—
Summer when the lungs of the earth take a long breath for the change to low contralto singing mornings when the green corn leaves first break through the black loam—
And another long breath for the silver soprano melody of the moon songs in the light nights when the earth is lighter than a feather, the iron mountains lighter than a goose down—
So I shall look for you in the light nights then, in the laughter of slats of silver under a hill hickory.
In the listening tops of the hickories, in the wind motions of the hickory shingle leaves, in the imitations of slow sea water on the shingle silver in the wind—
    I shall look for you.
The round up this week is being hosted by Jennie at Biblio File. Do stop by and check out all the great pieces being shared this week. Happy poetry Friday, all!


  1. How I love the idea of the wind as a breath before melody. Sandburg's work is so strange and beautiful in his city collections.

  2. Had not seen this one before. Quite lovely. Like the musical metaphors.

  3. Lovely. Dense and rich and lovely.

  4. Those long trills of sentences are like sighs of the wind itself. What a voice!

  5. And another long breath for the silver soprano melody of the moon songs

    Beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  6. thanks for posting. i love sandburg. wonderful choice.

  7. Breathtaking poem. Lovely!