Wednesday, November 19, 2008

3-D ABC - Pop-Up Alphabet Book

I don't often recommend pop-up books, but this one is really intriguing with some very cool constructions. Have a look at this little work of art. (P.S. - For authors thinking about these things, this is a terrific book trailer with great music!)

The book is ABC3D by Marion Bataille.
*Thanks to Richard Hanks at Getting Reading for sharing this.


  1. I think I read about this somewhere else recently-the NYTimes special section on kids' books, maybe?--but actually seeing it in action makes a huge difference. Thanks!

  2. That is cool. It is simple, yet unique!

  3. That is really cool. I think for young kids just learning their letters it would make a strong impression and help with nailing the memory. Read aloud with an adult that was adept at drawing out the child's phonetic connections to the letters (naming things that start with..., etc.) I think it could give them a big jump in building very first reading skills. The lack of illustrations and words leaves just the gap a learner needs to push them to fill in the connections. Learning happens in that leap. And the astounding cleverness and creativity of the construction inspires thinking. I love it!