Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Plans for National Poetry Month

Last year my plans for National Poetry Month were put on hold by an unexpected death in the family. It was the first time I'd missed celebrating in several years of blogging. I'd like to say I have something elaborate planned this year, but I'll be traveling during two different weeks to conferences so I have scaled back a bit.

This year my theme is Poetry A-Z. For the first 26 days of the month I'll be highlighting poetic forms, specific poems, books of poetry, and poets according to letter. For the last 4 days I've created a set of "acrostic" themed posts with some additional thoughts on poetry.

I know I haven't been around much, but I do hope you'll join me.  


  1. Sounds wonderful, Tricia! So glad you'll be able to participate this year. I've been swamped recently and am embarrassed to say I haven't really thought about Poetry Month yet. Ack. (Putting my thinking cap on and muttering...)

  2. I will join you Tricia. I believe in you and what you're doing. STOHR-HUNT POWER!!!!!!!

  3. Looking forward to it, Tricia! I was just thinking about that little rickety-feeling airplane flight in stormy-ish PA skies a few years ago... wishing you smooth sailing this spring!

  4. Hi, Tricia--

    It's great to know you're able to join in this spring and will be around more--I've missed you! And how about them March snow days? Here's a bilious poem I wrote on the 25th in Bethesda:

    Aubade, March 25

    spring break
    yes it’s called SPRING
    break and the tender
    green of a few brave
    jonquils bends and
    breaks under late

    the arc of this morning
    universe is also long, but
    bends toward INjustice,
    breaks the tender
    green of my less brave
    spirit: no snow day NOR

  5. Looking forward to this... Your blog is always wonderful!