Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Stubborn Guest

The flu bug took up residence in my house on February 24th. I'm happy to say, I think that stubborn pest has finally left. William will go back to school tomorrow (after nearly 6 days of fever), and while we all sniffle, snuffle and cough our way through the days still, we're finally feeling better. Today I did seven loads of wash, stripped the beds, opened the windows, and tried desperately to bring the clean, fresh air in. Out darned germs, out!

So, now you know why the blog has been quiet -- too quiet for my tastes. It's been hard to drum up the energy to teach this week (I only went in Monday and Wednesday), let alone think about writing. But of course, my thoughts now turn to poetry. I haven't stretched yet this week. I'd like to write my mask poem as a germ, but I'm afraid I'll jinx myself. I haven't selected my poem for tomorrow yet, but I will. I have a meme waiting for me, a stack of books to be read, job applicant files to review, papers to grade and just a few other little things nagging at me. Hmmmm.... maybe I'll just go back to bed!

Don't worry, I'll be back with some regularly scheduled blog posts shortly!

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  1. sorry this one hit you guys, too. It's awful, isn't it? And the length of the "I'm almost better" convalescence is the worst!