Monday, December 22, 2008

Poetry Stretch Results - Terza Rima

The challenge last week was to write a terza rima. Terza rima (an Italian phrase meaning "third rhyme") consists of a series of three-line stanzas (tercets) with the rhyme scheme aba bcb cdc ded and so on. It can go on as long as the poet wishes. Here are the results.
Tiel Aisha Ansari from Knocking From Inside shares a poem entitled Faust in the Industrial Age.

Kim Kasch left this poem in the comments.

    See the flakes dancing in the air-
    White, fluffy, like cotton candy
    Look around – they’re everywhere.

    Floating slowly they hit the ground
    Squishing as they hit their landing
    They do it all without making a sound.

    Now, run and build a snowman – quick!
    Don’t wait for later in the day
    Hurry, do it, lickity-split.
    Or the snow might melt away.

    So, go outside, now, run and play!
Julie Larios from The Drift Record shares a poem called The Doctor Says, "He Has Meningitis”.

lirone from Words that sing shares a poem entitled What Remains.

Jane Yolen left her poem in the comments of Julie's post. It is called Cheney Confesses.

Laura Purdie Salas shares a poem entitled Tarnished Silver.

sister AE from Having Writ gives us Hunting Season.

Libby from Lessons from the Tortoise wrote a terza rima about advent.
I tried to write a poem for my sister's birthday, but given that I didn't finish my grades until 2 am on Friday, I had a lot of trouble focusing on writing. I'll keep at it and post something soon.


  1. These were lovely to read! It was fun to see the different moods and takes on this form.

  2. I struggled with this and wrote something from the frustration I'm feeling with my 3 year old:

    My child of three what shall I do with you?​
    In truth I've thrown my hands into the air.
    You're much more trouble now than when at two.
    Look now, you've pouting from the corner chair.
    Dark winter 's long, our happy days are few
    And I am often on my knees in prayer.
    Come sit with me and rest your angel head
    We'll listen to listen to a poet gently read.

    I am not yet satisfied with it but that may be the best I've got this week.

    Now I'm off to read all the links you have for this and Friday Poetry. Thanks for rounding us up!

  3. Coming back to say I realize now that I was writing an ottava rima. Did you do that as the stretch recently? Have I lot my mind to too much holiday?

  4. Yes! It is ottava rima. Blogger is being funky and the post keeps disappearing. I'll be sure to add it to the round up. I think you are the only one who wrote with me this week!