Friday, February 13, 2009

Poetry Stretch Results - Love Poems

The challenge this week was to write a love poem without any terms of endearment or adoration. Lots of folks chose to play! Here are the results.
Jane Yolen shares a poem on her Facebook page entitled "Anniversary of Your Death."

Noah the Great from Let's lie and call it love shares the poem Acting.

Sherry Rogers from Splatt a way of life left this poem for Romeo and Juliet in the comments.
    On this day a promise died.
    It was a promise that couldn’t be kept, you ask why?

    Well on this day he lost his love.
    A tragedy not sent from above.

    He lost his love in a terrible way.
    He will never forget the memory of that day.

    The day was so calmed, so beautiful.
    The memory was so sad, so terrible.

    She broke the promise because of pain.
    She couldn’t stand to live another day.

    So on this day, Valentines.
    Two loves were destroyed because of suicide.
Jacqueline, who's been leaving her poems in the comments the last few weeks, has started a blog called Praise, Poetry and Parenting. This week she shares a poem entitled Love.

The very clever Douglas Florian from the Florian Cafe left this poem in the comments.
    Love's a lark
    Love's a thrill.
    The opposite of LOVE?
Julie Larios from The Drift Record shares A Valentine of Sorts to My Husband.

Laura Purdie Salas left this poem in the comments.
    Before and After

    marble cliffs
    encased me
    crystalline, solid

    but you shattered the rock, and we
    fell together into the
    wild, translucent ocean

    sailing days on
    blue velvet waves
    of conversation and starfish constellations

    dancing through nights
    to the rhythm of tides
    to the music,
    the rush,
    the surge
    of the sea

    circling back to allow
    today to soften the shell
    of yesterday

    building fragile
    sand castles of the
    shores of tomorrow
Linda from Write Time shares a poem entitled Thinking About Her Life.

Schelle from Brand New Ending has written a poem for her husband.

cloudscome at a wrung sponge shares her poem entitled Love Poem.

Sara Lewis Holmes at Read*Write*Believe shares a poem entitled I cannot.

Jone at Deo Writer shares a poem entitled For My Husband.
My poem this week is about my son. It's called Weekday Routine.

It's not too late if you still want to play. Leave me a comment about your poem and I'll add it to the list.


  1. Oh look its me up there, thanks for show casing my poem, and congrats to the others. Happy Blogging. Oh, I love Jane Yolen's webpage, so cool.

  2. Thanks, Tricia! These are fabulous. I'm just now getting caught up on them.

    And your blog looks great!