Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Happy Birthday, Opa!

This picture is nearly two years old, but it's one of my favorites of William and his Opa, my dad. He's celebrating his 83rd birthday today. Happy birthday, Opa!

My dad taught science for many years. Before that he was a chemical engineer. Before that he was a member of the Naval Air Corps during the final years of WWII, where he was stationed in Pearl Harbor. Growing up I called him a jack-of-all-trades, though renaissance man would have been more appropriate. He restored old cars, handmade toys for the grandkids in his woodshop, taught himself to play the banjo, loved to go fishing, and more.

When I close my eyes and picture my dad many images come to mind, but the one I see most often is my dad reading. He never went anywhere without a book in his hand. He encouraged my love for reading and a thirst for knowledge that endures today. It's not surprising really. I had a great role model.

So, even though this day is almost over, I want to wish him a happy birthday one last time. Happy birthday, Daddy!


  1. "He never went anywhere without a book in his hand."

    sounds like my dad!

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Is your father from dutch descent?
    Our Oma has a birthday today too. Happy happy!

  3. Happy Birthday, Opa!! Didn't know he was stationed at Pearl Harbor.

  4. Yes, they don't make 'em like that generation any more (my husband, sort of the next "half" generation down from your dad's, is a renaissance man--he can do anything, too). In a way, I feel sorry for young women these days. You want to marry a man who grew up reading Popular Mechanics! Now young men know how to work on computers and that's about it.

  5. It must have been a bittersweet birthday. I'm wishing you more reasons to celebrate.