Friday, January 26, 2007

Poetry Friday - First Time

Okay, I'm finally getting into the Friday poetry swing of things. Here are three offerings.

#1 - Did you know that my life began with poetry? I was adopted and it happened that, although my parents had been waiting a long time for a baby, the call came unexpectedly and afforded them almost no time to prepare. Since my brother and sister were nearly 9 and 10, baby things were long gone. Here is the poem lovely Marion (my surrogate grandmother) inscribed in each and every shower invitation.
We're gonna' have a shower
(No don't go gettin' mad)
'Cause when you find out who it's for
It's sure to make you glad

We've got a brand new baby
At least they have next door
A tiny little sister
For Sue and Jimmy Stohr

Of course this child is chosen
How lucky can she be
To be so loved and wanted
As little Patricia Marie
#2 - I was a published poet at the ripe old age of 7. Here is my contribution to the Times-Union's version of the Mini-Page, called Young World.
Clouds turn black
weather turns cool
Clouds start to cry
in the big swimming pool
#3 - Because I LOVE both science and the work of Jon Scieszka, here's an excerpt from Science Verse and the page entitled "Why Scientists Don't Write Nursery Rhymes."
Mary Had a . . .
Mary had a little worm
She thought it was a chigger.
But everything that Mary ate,
Only made it bigger.

It came with her to school one day,
And gave the kids a fright,
Especially when the teacher said,
"Now that's a parasite."

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