Saturday, February 03, 2007

Remembering Molly

Molly Ivins died on Wednesday. Whether you loved or hated her work, she always made you think. You can read some of the pieces written about her at Remembering Molly Ivins. Her longtime editor, Anthony Zucher, wrote a piece about her that moved me, and since he felt her greatest words of wisdom came with children's books, I just knew I had to share them.
For me, Molly's greatest words of wisdom came with three children's books she gave my son when he was born. In her inimitable way, she captured the spirit of each in one-sentence inscriptions. In "Alice in Wonderland," she offered, "Here's to six impossible things before breakfast." For "The Wind in the Willows," it was, "May you have Toad's zest for life." And in "The Little Prince," she wrote, "May your heart always see clearly."
To read more, check out the Molly Ivins Tribute. So long, Molly. We'll miss you.

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