Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Books By Mail (E-Mail, That Is)

Today in the Guardian, Graeme Allister writes about Dailylit.com, and the notion of receiving books in daily installments through e-mail. He writes:
Despite this flexibility, there's a certain sterility in reading in ready-sized portions. Perhaps it's a little too reminiscent of homework. Then there's the problem of reading a screen, a sensation which, in my opinion, doesn't really lend itself to fiction.
I have been receiving and rereading Little Women for the last few months. It is in 227 installments, and I am somewhere in the eighties. I must admit that there are days when I want to read more, but I am trying to be patient. As someone who receives close to 200 e-mail messages a day (some of it junk), this snippet of a book is like a little piece of sunshine in my mailbox. I look forward to finding it in my list and catching up with Jo.

What do you think about this idea? Head on over to read The Book is Dead ... Long Live Inboxed Gobbets! Feel free to leave a comment here or there.

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  1. I signed up for DailyLit when I was working full time, and it turned out to be a perfect lunch break escape.