Friday, July 31, 2009

Misconception Addressed - It's Kalman, Again

I'm sure you're tired of the links I provide each month to Maira Kalman's column. Alas, I can't help myself. I think she's brilliant and want everyone who hasn't read her stuff to be initiated. This month on her blog (And the Pursuit of Happiness) she tackles Benjamin Franklin. I was won over from the very beginning by this statement.
Let's straighten out the first thing.
He didn't invent electricity.
If I had a nickel for every time a kid told/asked me this, I'd be a very rich woman.

You'll find all kinds of interesting tidbits here, accompanied by Kalman's terrific art. So, what are you still doing here? Get going!


  1. Those days when I feel (despairing) that only people who write vampire novels get read, I read one of Ms. Kalman's pieces, and feel heartened about the quirkiness and resiliency of humanity. We are intelligent -- and she proves it.

  2. Tricia - I posted a link at THE DRIFT RECORD to Maira Kalman's column today, too - she's an addiction, that's for sure. Is it because her head wanders seemingly so far off-topic and then comes back again so beautifully? No wonder she is co-founder of the Rubber Band Society. I love her loopy intelligence.