Friday, February 26, 2010

Poetry Friday - Birds Small Enough

I'm so longing for spring and looking forward to the return of the birds. Here's a poem for them.
"Birds small enough...”
by Donald Revell

Birds small enough to nest in our young cypress
Are physicians to us

They burst from the tree exactly
Where the mind ends and the eye sees

Another world the equal of this one
Though only a small boy naked in the sun

Read the poem in its entirety.
The round up is being hosted by Jone at Check It Out. Do stop by and check out all the wonderful poetry being shared. Before you go, be sure to check out this week's poetry stretch results. Happy poetry Friday all!


  1. Hi Trisha,

    I never tire of reading Donald Revell. Thanks for sharing.

    Laura Evans

  2. Lovely choice. I love that he's used rhymed couplets, but not - they're in slant rhyme sometimes, and of varying lengths, so it doesn't immediately holler "rhymed couplets" at you. It makes me want to try such a thing!

  3. I love this one. "Sparrow hatted old New York" gets me every time. :)

  4. Spring, spring, everyone's longing for spring.

    I thought since you enjoy poetry that I'd invite you to contribute your list of favorite poems to my survey. Read more about it here:

  5. Ooh, I don't really understand this one, but I love the feeling of strength and the way it makes me ponder the inexplicable. Lovely.