Monday, January 09, 2012

Resources on Pinterest

I blame my students for seducing me, and Loreen Leedy for finally convincing me to take the plunge. Let me back up. Have you read the post Pinterest for nonfiction (and everything else)! by Loreen Leedy? Leedy has a new book coming out called SEEING SYMMETRY. She has a Pinterest board dedicated to Seeing Symmetry. The images she has found are very cool. I'm already thinking about how I can incorporate these ideas in math this semester.

So, based on Loreen's post, I asked her to invite me to Pinterest. I've only started pinning, but what you'll find are largely resources devoted to teaching, though I do have a board for 2012 books I can't wait to read.  Here are a few links to my boards.
My Pinterest Account (other boards include foldables, classroom organization, making teaching easier, bulletin board)

If you like this idea and don't have an account, send me a note and I'll invite you.


  1. Oh, good grief. I SO VERY MUCH WANT TO. But, geezh, I waste time simply gazing on the pictures already!!!

    And now I shall gaze upon yours.

  2. I do have an account & just 'followed' you Tricia, but like Tanita, I'm not sure I have the time. It looks like such fun, so maybe with just reading & writing? Thanks for sharing your beautiful board!

  3. I found a symmetrical photo you may want to see, now posted on my blog with a link back here to your blog: