Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Poetry Stretch - Bouts-Rimés

A bouts-rimés poem is created by one person's making up a list of rhymed words and giving it to another person, who in turn writes the lines that end with those rhymes, in the same order they were given.

You can read more at Wikipedia and learn a bit about the history of this form.

For today's stretch I asked a friend to generate a word list for me. (These all came from a poem of note, so kudos to you if you can name it.)

Here is your word list.

night, light, sky, cry, rain, lane, feet, street

I hope you'll write with me this week. Please share a link to your poem or the poem itself in the comments. 


  1. Not a poem but more a bumbling (with tiredness) jangle of a jetlagged jingle since I flew home from Scotland, then trained up the coast to Massachusetts just yesterday.

    Night to Night : The Way Home

    I came home hurtling through the night,
    Started in darkness, raced through the light.
    Exhausted from the miles, the darkening sky
    I flung myself on the train seat, starting to cry.
    Yet once we arrived, I stumbled to my feet,
    And found my footing on the bleak, black street.

    --Jane Yolen

  2. Last Night

    Late last night
    someone broke the streetlight
    outside and I heard the rain
    falling like symbols on the dark street,
    walking with murderer’s feet
    away up the lane.
    Now it is morning and the sky
    shrugs, daring me to cry.

    —Kate Coombs

  3. Summer Past

    Before the day turned into night
    and all around danced sliver light
    we watched the quickly changing sky
    and heard the thudding distant cry
    of nearby storm and sudden rain
    and children rushing up the lane
    splashing steps of happy feet
    skipping quickly down our street.

    Janet Fagal

  4. Robert Frost's "Acquainted with the Night" gave us these rhyme words. Here's my attempt:

    Bedtime Couplets
    By Steven Withrow

    She loves to lie with me at night,
    And only sleeps when there’s a light
    Beside her bed. We scan a sky
    Of ceiling stars. Outside, a cry
    From some night bird. Drip-drop of rain.
    We hum The Beatles’ “Penny Lane.”
    We shut our eyes, and kick our feet,
    As late trucks traffic past our street.

    In the middle of night
    Moonbeams light
    My pathway home
    Under sapphire sky.
    As nighttime’s firmament
    Begins to cry
    Descending rain on
    Sycamore Lane
    I skitter my feet
    Down the street
    Headed toward home
    On sleek concrete.

    (C) Charles Waters 2013 all rights reserved.