Friday, December 13, 2013

Poetry Friday - Superstition

On this Friday the 13th I am sharing a poem by Amy Lowell. This piece was published in 1919 in a volume entitled Pictures of the Floating World.

by Amy Lowell

I have painted a picture of a ghost
Upon my kite,
And hung it on a tree.
Later, when I loose the string
And let it fly,
The people will cower
And hide their heads,
For fear of the God
Swimming in the clouds.

This poem and the book it was published in are in the public domain and have been digitized and made available by Google. You can read the entire volume simply by downloading a copy.

Check out other poetic things being shared and collected today by Tabatha at The Opposite of Indifference. Happy Poetry Friday all! 


  1. Tricia - I keep a big dictionary of superstitions on the shelf right next to my desk, and we're buying a lottery ticket today to ward off any Friday the 13th bad luck!! Thanks for "the God / swimming in the clouds."

  2. Thanks for the poem and the link to the book!

  3. I'm not superstitious, though I might be if you keep throwing images like "the God/Swimming in the clouds" into my imagination!

  4. My students were all abuzz about how unlucky the day was going to be...but I pointed out to them that however bad they think 13 might be, FRIDAY is good, and therefore cancels the effect. MONDAY the 13th, on the other hand...EEK!