Friday, May 02, 2014

Poetry Friday - A Rainy Day

We've had our fair share of rain this week. My apologies to my friends in California. If I could send it all to you, I would.

Here are two poems for these wet days. Both come from Eve Merriam's book A Poem for a Pickle: Funnybone Verses.

A Rainy Day
by Eve Merriam

No balls are batted,
dog's fur is matted,
crossing guard is rubber-hatted,
sidewalk is splatted,
hair curl is flatted,
quarrels are spatted,
scraggly cat is scatted,
dampness is dratted.

Light Rain, a Downpour,
and Pigeons Feasting on Crumbs
from a Picnic in the Park
by Eve Merriam

Pitter patter,
splitter splatter,
skitter scatter.

I do hope you'll take some time to check out all the wonderful poetic things being shared and collected today by Katya at Write.Sketch.Repeat. Happy poetry Friday friends.


  1. I usually enjoy a rainy day, but by Wednesday I was chanting "Rain, rain, go away!" Love Eve Merriman and the word play in "A Rainy Day." Thanks for sharing!

  2. I wish you could send the rain to us as well. but at least you were able to share some cute poems. Eve Merriam is always a treat. Thanks.

  3. I am like Catherine and do enjoy the rain, but Wednesday pushed me over the edge as well. "A Rainy Day" is a keeper, and the second poem reminds me that I promised to one day write a title longer than the poem itself :-)

  4. Don't you just love "dampness" is dratted! Thanks Tricia. You may send some of your "damp" to Colorado too! Never enough here!

  5. Hi there Tricia, we've been having a dry spell here in Singapore - I'd probably read these Eve Merriam Poems aloud as my rain chant to bring in the drizzles. :)

  6. Didn't Eve Merriam write that great windshield wiper poem, too?

    Oh, how I love her wordplay!

  7. Love the fun word play in "A Rainy Day".