Friday, October 10, 2014

Poetry Friday Is On!

Welcome friends to Poetry Friday! I'm thrilled to be your host this week. Today I'm sharing a bit of Robert Frost. He's the one poet I revisit every fall. Whether it's Gathering Leaves, Nothing Gold Can Stay, or After Apple Picking, Frost puts me in the mood for my favorite season.

by Robert Frost

O hushed October morning mild,
Thy leaves have ripened to the fall;
Tomorrow’s wind, if it be wild,
Should waste them all.
The crows above the forest call;
Tomorrow they may form and go.

Read the poem in its entirety.

I'm rounding this one up old-school style, so please leave a note with a link to your offering in the comments. Happy poetry Friday all!

Amy Ludwig VanDerwater shares an original poem entitled Each Seed.

Robyn Hood Black shares the work of Grace Futral, the haiku student poet of the month.

Bridget Magee shares an original poem about election season.

Carol Varsalona shares the poem Pretty Words by Elinor Wylie and some thoughts on crafting a poem.

Violet Nesdoly shares an original poem on the allure of fall.

Donna Smith shares an original poem written for a poetry prompt, as well as a found poem created from the lines of other challenge-takers!

Julie Larios shares all kinds of good stuff, including her thoughts the connection between creativity and home, her month-long trip to Oaxaca, and a poem by Nelson Bentley.

Heidi Mordhorst shares a poem by Valerie Worth and her thoughts on using the poem for instruction.

Laura Shovan shares an original poem inspired by the recent eclipse of the full moon.

Michelle Heinrich Barnes shares a poem by Keri Collins Lewis on the season.

Mary Lee Hahn shares a poem by Walt Whitman and some thoughts on science and creativity.

Tara Smith is still thinking of summer and shares the poem Summer Tomatoes by Karina Borowicz.

Laura Purdie Salas shares an original riddle-ku.

Margaret Simon shares the results of students writing zenos.

Jama Rattigan shares excerpts from the rhyming picture book BAKING DAY AT GRANDMA'S by Anika and Christopher Denise and a recipe for chocolate cake! Yum! (Notice which part of the Friday Feast description I've chosen as the link!)

Diane Mayr has lots of goodies today. At Random Noodling she shares some Edgar Allan Poe. At Kurious Kitty she shares a bit of Billy Collins.

Matt Forest Esenwine shares an original zeno.

Tabatha Yeatts shares day a poem by Hong Kong poet Leung Ping-kwan.

Ruth shares several versions of the Pangur Ban poem in honor of their new kitten of the same name.

Linda Baie shares some early Naomi Shihab Nye.

Catherine Johnson shares two original zombie poems.

Joy Acey shares a skeleton poem and a poetry prompt.

Jone MacCulloch shares some thoughts on poetry books and reminds us to NOMINATE BOOKS FOR THE CYBILS!

Charles Waters updates on the good things happening in his life since moving to the Big Apple and shares an original poem.

Tanita Davis stopped in to wave hello from Kidlitcon. She has a poem, and as soon as I have a link I'll post it! Have fun all you folks participating in Kidlitcon this weekend. I wish I was there.

Jeannine Atkins shares some thoughts on writing and a quote from Frost.

Doraine Bennett shares the poem Invitation From a Mole by Alice Schertle.

Little Willow shares the poem For Women Who Are Difficult to Love by Warsan Shire.

Karen Edmisten shares an original poem on Lemony Snicket.

Catherine Flynn shares Poem Without End by Yehuda Aichai.

Andi Sibley shares a review of the book JOSEPHINE: THE DAZZLING LIFE OF JOSEPHINE BAKER by Patricia Hruby Powell.

Ramona shares her experiences promoting the Poetry Storybox project.

Sherry shares the poem October's Bright Blue Weather by Helen Hunt Jackson.

Joyce Ray highlights a new journal of ekphrastic poetry.


  1. Tricia, HAPPY FALL and thanks so much for hosting! Robert Frost is perfect for this time of year.

    Our "Student Haiku Poet of the Month" series is back for 2014-15! Click over to read some great poetry by young writer Grace Futral.

  2. Thanks for hosting Poetry Friday, Tricia! Frost has it going on in the fall! Thanks for reminding me of his brilliance.
    Today I have an original poem about the "other" season going on - election season.

  3. Tricia, thank you for hosting Poetry Friend and opening October with Robert Frost's poem. Today, I am offering my thoughts on the variety of words used to craft a poem and reminding readers that autumn is the perfect time to "find fall" in written word. I am linking an invitation to my Finding Fall Gallery at the end of the post at

  4. Thanks for hosting, Patricia! I too have felt the tug of fall and tried to express some of its allure in a poem. Not as fine as Mr. Frost by any means, but it will have to do for today: "The sun dreams palely down" is here:

  5. Yesterday at Laura Purdie Salas' 15 words or less, there were some wonderful short pieces with some beautiful lines. I just had to try combining some. I posted a short one one her site and then wrote a longer one to share today. - a "found poem" of sorts! Credits are given but you will have to go to Laura's page to see the originals!

  6. Thanks for stepping in and hosting, Tricia. I love the call of Frost's poem: "Slow, slow!" We need that reminder sometimes, don't we? I've just come home from a long trip, so over at The Drift Record I'm posting thoughts about creativity and home - the connection between those two. Plus, I've posted a poem of Nelson Bentley's that comes to me each time I return from a trip. Here's the link:

    I've also posted some thoughts about obsessions, angels, hankies and the plague over at Books Around the Table. Here's the link for that:

  7. Good morning, Tricia, and thanks for bringing a touch of Frost to a chilly morning! My favorite Frost fall poem is one I can't track down at this moment...but I'm in with the first installment of my Science Series, which I'm doing in preparation for our CLA Master Class at NCTE. I'll be sharing poems, ways to stretch them across the curriculum in the classroom, and nonfiction companions wherever possible.

    Thanks for the last-minute hosting--I'd eat your brain first, too!

  8. Perfect poem for today, Tricia. Frost's "After Apple Picking" is one of my favorites.

    I'm celebrating this week's lunar eclipse with an original poem. It's a "Golden Shovel" -- a new form invented by poet Terrance Hayes. Read instructions for the form, and my moony poem, at Author Amok.

  9. O hushed and beguiling October! Thank you for the Frost on this lovely Poetry Friday morning, and thank you for jumping in as host, Tricia! At Today's Little Ditty, we are enjoying a taste of autumn with Keri Collins Lewis in the Haiku Garden.

  10. Oh, how I agree with that line, "Slow, slow!"

    I've got some Whitman today, and thoughts about science and creativity.

  11. What joy to be greeted by Frost first thing in the morning! I have a poem today about, of all things, tomatoes! Still thinking of summer, I guess...

  12. I drove across Wisconsin yesterday to get to the Sheboygan Children's Book Festival, and I enjoyed every bit of fall color I came across! Thanks for the Frost this morning. I especially like the mood of:

    Release one leaf at break of day;
    At noon release another leaf;
    One from our trees, one far away.

    As fall comes and the year winds down, I often wish we could slow down time, too.

    I'm in with a riddle-ku at

    Thanks for hosting!

  13. Thanks for rounding up today. Fall and Frost just go together.

    My students took the zeno challenge from Michelle H Barnes and J. Patrick Lewis. I put together an Emaze presentation.

  14. I love Frost in the Fall too!

    Today I'm featuring BAKING DAY AT GRANDMA'S by Anika and Christopher Denise -- a warm and cozy rhyming PB and a delicious recipe for chocolate cake:

    Thanks for hosting today, Tricia. Have a nice holiday weekend.

  15. Hi Tricia! Love that Frost!

    Today at Random Noodling I'm looking at Edgar Allan Poe.

    And Kurious Kitty has some Billy Collins.

  16. Thanks for hosting, Tricia! Perfect poem to share of Frost's best, in my opinion. Today I'm sharing a "zeno", thanks to Pat Lewis and Michelle H. Barnes:

  17. "Beguile us in the way you know" --- lovely!
    My post is up here:

    Thanks for hosting!

  18. We got a new cat this week and named her Pangur Ban, so I have the Pangur Ban poem today in several versions.

    Thanks for hosting!

  19. We had some of that rain and wild wind last night. Fall is here and leaves are covering the ground. I have some early Naomi Shihab Nye today, and in my search found a site with numerous poets reading their work, including Frost. Perhaps you'll find your poem there, Tricia. Thank you for hosting today. Here's my link:

  20. That would be great to listen to on a dog walk. Thanks for hosting Tara. I have two original zombie poems to share today

  21. Thanks for the Frost. And thanks for hosting this week. I've made a list of Halloween words and have posted Halloween poems this week. I have a poem about skeletons now and later today I hope to have a zombie poem done Eachof the poems comes with a poetry prompt. It is at

    Thanks to all for some fun poetry today. Happy Thanksgiving to the Canadians.

  22. Thanks for the October poem and stepping in to host. I have some suggestion for the CYBILS Awards.

  23. Hi Tricia. Thanks for hosting. Here is the goings on in my poetic world courtesy of my POETRY TIME BLOG.!POETRY-TIME-BLOG-#15/c23vc/29AE3533-1D7C-46A6-94CA-5C8E4BCCDDC5

  24. Happy Friday, Tricia! The Frost is so atmospheric and makes me wistful for mornings with actual frost... we're having Summer Part II...

    I have (not a triolet!!!!) a poem called "To This Day" that absolutely breaks me, and reminds me of my all too memorable days of junior high when bullying (heckling?) was The Thing. Enjoy.

    We'll be thinking of you all at KidlitCon today!

  25. Enjoy your fall weather. Here in the deep South we keep bouncing between a touch of fall and the terror that summer may last until January. I'm in today with a poem from Alice Schertle.

  26. I love Robert Frost, and I especially love Robert Frost in autumn.

    I'm in today with a short poem I wrote about Lemony Snicket. We recently went to a book signing, and had a great night with him.

    The link is here.

    Thanks for hosting, Tricia!

  27. I love this line from Frost's poem: "Enchant the land with amethyst." I've been thinking about writing poems about fall, and my thoughts led me to Yehuda Aichai's "Poem Without End." Thanks for hosting today, Tricia!

  28. Lovely, Trisha. I do love me some Frost. I have a review of Josephine today, my Cybils nomination for Elementary and Middle Grade Nonfiction this year.

  29. Tricia, thanks for hosting. Robert Frost is loved by so many of us. I embraced fall by visiting "After Apple Picking" last month. "October" is a perfect choice for this frosty time of year.
    I begin my October journey with the Poetry Storybox -

  30. My contribution for today is October's Bright Blue Weather by Helen Hunt Jackson.
    Thanks for hosting.

  31. (hour later, after her brain has a moment to catch up... THIS is finally the link!

  32. Tricia, I left my link in a post Friday afternoon, but it doesn't seem to have gone through. I highlighted a new journal of ekphrastic poetry over at Musings love the Frost poem and all the fall images.