Friday, June 26, 2015

Poetry Friday - Monotone

I've been reading Sandburg the last few weeks, so today I'm sharing a poem I can't seem to get out of my mind.

by Carl Sandburg

The monotone of the rain is beautiful,
And the sudden rise and slow relapse
Of the long multitudinous rain.

The sun on the hills is beautiful,
Or a captured sunset sea-flung,
Bannered with fire and gold.

A face I know is beautiful—
With fire and gold of sky and sea,
And the peace of long warm rain.

I do hope you'll take some time to check out all the wonderful poetic things being shared and collected today by Carol at Carol's Corner. Happy poetry Friday friends! 


  1. Happy to read more Carl Sandburg...I can see why this wonderfully circular one stays in your mind. It is a keeper. "a captured sunset sea-flung" -- *sigh*

  2. Oh, this is lovely. That calm rhythm and repetition...

  3. I love the peaceful feel of this poem. I'm going to read it again the next time we have one of the pounding, pounding, pounding storms we have been experiencing in Colorado this summer.

  4. So much beauty...we need to pay attention to it.

  5. Oh, it's lovely to compare those things with one that is loved. Thanks Tricia. I've never read this, but it really is a love poem, isn't it?