Friday, November 06, 2015

Miss Rumphius is 9 Today

On November 6, 2006 (that was 9 years ago!), I launched this blog. At that time I was still teaching a course on technology in the classroom and was looking to expand my work with students. I've come a LONG way since I started my first web site in the spring of 1995—yes, you read that correctly. Back then my web pages were all written in HTML. Now this web stuff is so much easier.

Today I am so grateful for all the wonderful people I've connected with through this blog, many of whom I've had the pleasure of meeting in real life. This is an amazing community that I love being a part of. Here are some of the reasons why I am so fond of this little corner of the web.
  • It is a great place for sharing a love of books with like-minded folks.
  • Smart, talented, BUSY authors and illustrators take precious time from their days to e-mail thank you notes and kinds words for reviewing their books.
  • Folks who read my stuff and find it informative or interesting highlight my posts on their blogs. (Thanks to you generous people who do this.)
  • Thoughtful readers who know my blog send me links to articles they know will interest me. Likewise, I can write to others and say "I saw this and was thinking of you."
  • Out of the blue I sometimes receive packages in the mail containing new books to review or signed copies from authors.
  • Generous bloggers hold contests and when you win, they send you things! How cool is that?
  • Authors invite you to join blog tours of their books and are happy to participate and share their themselves and their work with the world.
  • A group of amazing writers brought me into their circle many years ago and we are still writing together. 
  • Generous poets often send me original poems and new poetic forms to debut on the blog.
  • The Cybils. I've been so honored to serve as a judge numerous times in the categories of nonfiction picture books and poetry.
I could go on about all the reasons I love blogging and the kidlitosphere. On this, my very happy blogiversary, I want to thank you, my readers and friends, from the bottom of my heart. I'm so grateful every time you stop by.


  1. Happy Ninth Blogiversary, Tricia. Your blog is one of the first I started reading way back when, and the one that gave me a push to begin one too. So thank you, and best wishes for many more posts to come!

  2. That HTML will stand you in good stead - I find that I know a bit, too, from trying to be online back in the nineties. :) Hard to believe we've all been doing this for so long! But, thank you for continuing to introduce completely unusual poetic forms and books of poetry - this blog is a definite resource, even for non-teaching folk.

  3. Congratulations, Tricia! SUCH a great blog. :)

  4. Congratulations, Trisha! You are so faithful to you passion, and such a blessing to us all. ❤️👏😍

  5. WIshing you a belated happy blog birthday, Tricia! I am coming up on 10 years in December. Amazing that we've been doing this for so long, isn't it?

  6. Super belated blog birthday to you, Tricia. Thanks for all you do for children's lit.