Tuesday, April 03, 2018

NPM 4-3: A Map to the Next World

Today I'm sharing an excerpt from the poem A Map to the Next World by Joy Harjo.
You will see red cliffs. They are the heart, contain the ladder. 
A white deer will greet you when the last human climbs from the
Remember the hole of shame marking the act of abandoning our
tribal grounds. 
We were never perfect. 
Yet, the journey we make together is perfect on this earth who was
once a star and made the same mistakes as humans. 
We might make them again, she said. 
Crucial to finding the way is this: there is no beginning or end. 
You must make your own map.
Read the poem in its entirety.

Happy Tuesday all.


  1. WOW. Was this another yoga poem??? It must be read in snippets and then put down for a bit, so one can breathe...

    1. Yes! Five minutes is a LONG time to hold a pose. Poems like this give me much to think about, which means I'm not thinking "How much longer?" or "Gee, this really hurts!"