Wednesday, November 01, 2023

A Cento Challenge

This month Every Day Poems offered up a challenge to "craft a Cento from some of your favorite Every Day Poems lines." They also added this extension.

For some extra fun, you’re invited to hand-letter your Cento poem, using a different style or color for each unique line you’ve gathered from another poet. Or, you could put each line on a different slip of paper and collage your poem together.

Challenge accepted!

Here is my untitled cento. (Click to enlarge.)

It reads:
the whole world’s chanting desire
between stars or heartbeats
beyond reach, beyond reckoning 
and in slow-motion
a tide, incoming: vast
when pulled away, return always to me

The lines in this cento come from the following poems:
  • Black Dirt by Helen Pruitt Wallace
  • Report [an excerpt] by Elizabeth C. Herron
  • Grendel In Dawn’s Early Light by Rick Maxson
  • Into the Woods by Laurie Klein
  • Into the Woods by Laurie Klein
  • Juliet’s Aubade by Sara Barkat

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