Friday, October 17, 2008

Guess What I Saw Today?!

I am still living 5 years in the past when it comes to cell phone technology. I have a very old phone that I don't often carry, and when I do, it's rarely on. I guess I figure I'm not so important that I need to be reachable every minute of the day. My husband, on the other hand, has a fancy-schmancy phone with a camera and every other imaginable gadget.

While at a conference today I was just a smidgen sorry I didn't have such a phone myself, as prominently displayed at a publisher's table in the exhibit hall was this book.
I think I may have squealed with delight (yes, squealed). I wanted a picture of myself with the display, but alas, no fancy phone. This cover will have to do. (You can read more about the book at Laura's site.)

And here's the funny part. I wanted to tell all the people milling around the stand that I knew the author. Now, we haven't actually met in person, so this may strike some as odd. We have, however, we've commented on each other's blogs, written poetry together, and talked online.

Isn't it amazing how closely this world of online communication can sometimes bring us together? So, to my friend in Minnesota, I hope you get just a small thrill knowing what a big thrill I had seeing your book today.

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  1. Isn't it funny? We're all in this... imaginary living room together, and we kind of do know each other.

    I would have been squealing too. The cover is gorgeous, yay!!!!