Friday, October 23, 2009

Poetry Stretch Results - Double Dactyls Galore!

The challenge this week was to write a double dactyl. Who knew this form would inspire so much poetry! Here are the results.
Pat from Knowledge, Ltd. left this poem in the comments.
    Physicist Heisenberg
    Wrote a new Planck,

    Constantly stressed the Un-
    Certainty Principle,
    Leaving some scientists
    Drawing a blank.
Last week over at Political Verses, Elaine Magliaro published two double dactyls, one by Julie Larios and the other an original.

Julie Larios of The Drift Record left this poem in the comments.
    Diggery Dockery
    Emily Dickinson
    wrote about Nobody,
    frigates and fame.

    Flies in most poetry
    buzz us, but Emily's
    flies aren't the same.
Kate Coombs of Book Aunt left these poems in the comments.
    Daisies and daffodils
    Eleanor Roosevelt
    Rode on a bicycle
    Down to the lake.

    Sixty-four suffragettes
    Galloped behind her as
    Eleanor taught them to
    Make no mistake.

    Jefferson Cavendish
    Fiddled and faddled and
    Loitered and whined.

    Ravenous tigers came
    Leaping to eat him, so
    Jefferson learned how to
    Move his behind.

    Benjamin Rosenbaum
    Lounges in Switzerland
    Writing a book.

    Characters circle him
    Tugging at strangenesses,
    Whispering, "Look!"
Elaine Magliaro of Wild Rose Reader and the Blue Rose Girls shares three double dactyls at BRG.
    Jane Yolen left this poem in the comments.
      Emily Dickinson
      Dressed all in white while she
      Eschewed all prose.

      Scribbling poems that
      Nobody would publish
      That all could be sung to
      The song “Yellow Rose.”
    Amy Ludwig VanDerwater left this poem in the comments. *Blushing* THANK YOU, AMY!
      Internet Spinternet
      Tricia the blogerette
      poses her poem posts
      into the sky.

      Teachers, librarians,
      mothers, grammarians
      gather words gratefully.
      “This one I’ll try.”
    Harriet of spynotes left these poems in the comments.
      Tippety Typety
      Poe (Edgar Allen)
      Sat down at his desk
      At a quarter past four.

      Moaning and groaning
      And clutching his stomach
      “Oh WHY did I eat so much
      crow? NEVERMORE!”

      Knickety Knockety
      Ludwig von Beethoven
      Wanted to write just one
      Symphony more

      In want of ideas, he
      Sat down to ponder,
      When “Dum dum dum DUM”
      Came a rap at the door.

      Flippety Flappety
      Orville and Wilbur, they
      Wanted to ride a bike
      Into the sky.

      They fiddled and tinkered,
      Fell over and over.
      They made some mistakes, sure.
      But now we can fly!
    Carol Weis visited for the first time and left this poem in the comments. Welcome Carol!
      Xanadu Shmanadu
      Samuel Coleridge
      created his Kubla
      throughout the night.

      But oh! the intruder
      a damsel from Porlock
      who found the poor poet
      high as a kite.
    At her blog Political Verses, Elaine Magliaro shares a poem entitled Better Duck...It's Dick: A Poem about Dick Cheney's Hunting Prowess. BEST TITLE EVER!

    Jone at Check It Out shares a poem inspired by Skippyjon Jones.
    My poem was inspired by the recent spate of dinosaur books I've been reading with my son. Just in case you need the pronunciation of the dinosaur name, it's KET-sahl-koh-AHT-lus!
    Quetzalcoatlus the
    Mexican dinosaur
    what a surprise!

    Pterosaur terrible
    size unbelievable
    king of the skies!
    It's not too late if you still want to play. Leave me a note about your poem and I'll add it to the list.


    1. These are all so great. I tried but couldn't come up with anything. I'll keep trying though.

    2. I read this a wanted to try, but I couldn't think of what to write. So I wrote about double dactyls.

      Rickety, nitpicky,
      Lines are a pain but I'll
      Give them a try.

      Nonsense begins them,
      Two stanzas, strict rhythm:
      Easy if I could just
      End with a rhyme.