Monday, March 19, 2007

March Carnival is Up!

The March Carnival of Children's Literature is up over at Midwestern Lodestar. I have never participated in a carnival before, so this time around I thought I'd be brave and submit. Oh how I wish I had read Susan's background information on a blog carnival over at Chicken Spaghetti before I suggested entries! You see, being the indecisive person that I am, I could not decide what to enter, so I recommended three posts and said, "Please pick one." Well, now I know this isn't how it works. So greedy little me has taken up way too much space in this latest extravaganza. Suffice it to say that next month I will throw darts and pick one and only one post. Mea culpa, friends. Bear with me as I grope my way around the blogosphere in the hopes of actually learning the ropes.

In any case, do head on over and check out the Carnival. It's a beauty.


  1. Miss Rumphius, with all the good you do strewing your lupines (and book lists) into the world, you do not have to worry! We always like reading what you're writing about.

  2. Susan,
    Oh, thank you my dear! You have put my mind at ease.

  3. Hey, Tricia -- please look at my post about you on the Carnival Revisited today.....