Saturday, April 28, 2007

Poetry Saturday - Animal Families

William and I have been reading about animal families, so I was inspired to write this silly little poem. Enjoy!
A Family For You

Consider your life in
a warren or scurry

If your kin were a pride
would you need ever worry?

Are you suited to
tower or ambush or band?

Would play in a shrewdness
get way out of hand?

Imagine your clan is
a bloat or a pod

Would home in a prickle
be frighteningly odd?

a cackle
a richness
a gaze

In which of these groups could you
spend your days?

while you can
and make it

Because the Zookeeper
is coming for
Thumbs up to you if you can name the animal groups. For a hint or two, visit this zoo page!


  1. Tricia,

    Love the original poems! Get ready for next year so you can post a poem a day in April. What do you think???

  2. Hi Elaine,
    I was revisiting some of your poems today and wondering how you've managed a poem a day. I don't know that I have that much confidence in my work.
    Whatever will you do when the month is over?

  3. Tricia,

    I've been writing children's poetry for about thirty years. I dug out many of my old poems and tweaked some of them a bit and rewrote others. Some of the poems were brand new works.

    What will I do when April is over? Breathe a sigh of relief! I'll also start writing about more than just children's poetry.

  4. But Tricia that poem is great! Keep going!