Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Visual Me

In the last four days I have had tetanus, hepatitis A and typhoid shots, been smushed and pushed, had a yearly exam, an eye exam, taken my husband for emergency medical treatment for chest pains and difficulty breathing (just some badly bruised ribs), and spent more than 180 collective minutes on hold trying to find out why my passport STILL hasn't arrived. (Yes, I'm leaving in 20 days and in addition to my passport, I need a Chinese visa.)

Pause. Deep breath. This is where I tell you I need a bit of silliness in my life. So, today on my lunch break while eating in front of my computer, I followed the kidlit crowd (Kelly, Michelle and Libby to name a few) and got my VisualDNA. Have a look!


  1. I hope you get more time to breathe soon, Tricia. And, yes, it is silly, isn't it? But fun. I'd probably do it differently another day/time, but that's part of the fun.

  2. I agree with Libby. I was really torn by some of the choices: coffee vs. wine, for example. No "new wave puritan" for me :)

    I see you think food is art too!

  3. Well, wine is on my list, as is tea, but generally, I'll go for the milk 9 times out of 10!