Sunday, July 01, 2007

Champagne Taste

My mother always told me I had champagne taste on a beer budget. This is still pretty much true today, but instead of buying for myself, I spend all my extra pennies on William or on gifts for others. Don't get me wrong, I love this gift giving thing. My Christmas shopping is already half done. (Insert delighted smile here.) When I see something that is just perfect for a friend or family member, I buy it right then and there. The only problem is remembering what I have when the holidays roll around. I'll admit that it's getting harder keeping things under wraps these days. I seem to find reasons to give the gifts, even though I keep promising myself I will hold onto them until the appointed day. However, there is no greater satisfaction than seeing a loved one's face when they receive a gift they truly love. For me, it's not about how much money I spend, but how much time I spend thinking about that perfect gift, because really, there is great pleasure in that knowing smile that says, "You know me so well."

I have dear friend with a birthday coming up and I am purchasing a purse for her made from a book. It's absolutely perfect for her. Here's where the title kicks in. While I rarely make purchases for myself, I'm so besotted by these two beauties I may just splurge. Check out the Wuthering Heights and Pride and Prejudice bags. Someone please buy them first and save me from myself! You can find more of these book bags at Rebound Designs, where Caitlin has taken the gifting of books to a whole new level.


  1. Tricia, those are awesome! Too rich for my blood, but tempting, tempting...

  2. Ooh, what a great concept! I don't care for those particular books, but I love the idea!

    I buy presents and hide them and totally forget about them. and come across them a few years later, when they're no longer age appropriate or the right present for my kids. good for the toy drives at their schools. Anyone want some lovely handmade dresses for American girl dolls :-)?

  3. I have a family member who is so perfunctory (not the best use of that word, but hopefully you know what I mean) about gift-buying, like she's just checking it off her list and with no real thought as to the person she's giving the gift to -- and she'll buy it, like, years in advance just 'cause it's on sale, something you'd never really want (and give it to you really early if she happens to be in town -- again, as if just checking something off her list). To me that's the antithesis of gift-giving -- to feel obligated, you know? And I love the idea of giving for no real occasion but just 'cause you saw something that you thought the person would love.

    Those purses are GREAT!

  4. I don't know if I should thank you or curse you for alerting me to this cool artist! I am going through her pages--love the pins too. Sent my husband a link, too ; )