Friday, July 20, 2007

Poetry Friday - Going Home

I leave this morning with William for 10 glorious days in western New York (outside of Rochester) for a long overdue and much needed visit with my parents. As an added bonus, I will have the great pleasure of meeting up with Adrienne of WATAT fame for coffee and conversation. Since my mind is racing with thoughts of home and hitting the road, I offer up this gem.
The Road Beyond the Town
by Michael Earls, S.J.
found in the Anthology of Massachusetts Poets (1922)

A ROAD goes up a pleasant hill,
And a little house looks down:
Ah! but I see the roadway still
And the day I left the town.

The day I left my father’s home,
It’s many a year ago,
And a heart and hope were brave to roam
The long, long road I know.

The long, long road by hill and plain,
It’s tired the heart might be:
But hope stayed bright in sun or rain,
And a Voice that called to me.

A Voice that called me over the hill
And out of the little town:
Ah! but I see the roadway still.
And the good house looking down.

The house that spake me never a No!
As I started brave away,
But said with a blessing, Go!
And followed me every day.

It followed me down the road of years,
For a father’s heart is true,
And joy is sweet in a mother’s tears
For the deeds her child may do.

The poor little deeds, all powerless
or the Kingdom of God would be,
Save in His mercy will He bless
The road that goes with me:

The road that left a pleasant hill,
Where a little house looks down:
Ah! but I bless the roadway still,
And the land beyond the town.
The house I return to is the one my father built, and the place that I still refer to as home. It sits atop a steep hill that offered thrills riding down it on a bicycle, and prompted considerable complaints on the way back up. Here is an image of it from LiveSearch. When I was growing up, those pine trees were no taller than me. Look at them now!
This little trip home means I'll be on a temporary hiatus. I know I haven't posted much lately because of my teaching schedule, but I promise to return refreshed and ready to go. Until then, don't forget about all the other great kidlit blogs out there. Also, since today is Poetry Friday, there is lots of great stuff to read. Do head on over to the round up at Mentor Texts & More and follow the links for your weekly fill of poetry.
L8tr G8trz!


  1. Have fun in Rochester, Tricia. I spent part of a summer in Pittsford many years ago with my cousins. I had a ball.

  2. Have a great trip, and travel safely. That's really great that you'll get to meet Adrienne! Woo hoo!

  3. I know! HP7 and meeting Tricia! That makes for an exciting week 'round these parts. :)