Friday, October 26, 2007

Remember the Cybils?

Remember the Cybils? With all the wonderful work going on to showcase Robert's Snow and the amazing snowflakes created by a whole host of talented illustrators, some of you may have forgotten about the Cybils. Now in year two, the Cybils are the only blogger-based literary awards. Nominations for the 2007 awards are underway. Anyone with an e-mail address may nominate books in these categories:
Here are the rules for participation.

  • The books must be 2007 publications.
  • You my only nominate one book in each category.
  • Nominations must be in by November 21st.
To get started, click on a category and read the description. Our fabulous panel chairs have given you some guidance as to what kinds of books fit their categories. Next, read through the comments left by others. Please make sure your book isn't already listed. Click on "comments" and type in the author and title. That's it! It's simple! Remember that multiple listings for a title mean nothing in the nominating process. This is all about providing the panels with a wide range of great books to choose from.

Head on over to the Cybils blog to make your nominations today!

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