Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Anthropomorphic Literature

Today in the Guardian book blog, Ben Myers has a post entitled Why We're All Animal Lovers. Here is an excerpt.

Anthropomorphic literature is a sub-genre within itself, but why has it proved so endearingly popular? Why do writers feel the need to imbue animals with human characteristics? The simple answer is: because it wouldn't work any other way.
Perhaps that is anthropomorphic literature's main strength: rather than diluting ideas, it presents them in a new medium. In doing so, it broadens the readership so that books meant for adults soon find an audience with younger readers.

This is a thoughtful piece that includes reference to one of my favorite books, The Mouse And His Child by Russell Hoban. Do take a moment to read it. Then come back here and tell me what some of your favorite anthropomorphic stories were/are.

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