Tuesday, December 01, 2009

If You Haven't Seen/Read This, You Don't Know What You're Missing

The lovely Susan Taylor Brown has launched a project for the month of December called 31 Blogs (You Might Not Know) in 31 Days. Each day she'll be highlighting a blog she thinks others should know about. This is a very cool idea but dang it, do I really need to add to the list of 239 blogs already in my Google Reader?

In any case, as I was reading through unread posts this evening, I came across a few I knew I had to share. They're all from the same site, so if you are teacher and don't already subscribe to Teaching PreK-8, why the heck don't you? I'm just sayin' ... Here are a few things that popped up today that are stand out pieces.
Retracing Memories by David Harrison - In this article, David discusses writing memoir poems in the classroom and offers some wonderful suggestions. If this whets your appetite for poetry, then be sure to visit David's blog.

Esmé Raji Codell: First Lady of Read-Aloud by Jessica Rae Patton - Yes, that's OUR Esmé. Can I call her that? Yes, I claim her for the kidlitosphere. She's ours and we love her. And as a teacher, I'm claiming her again as an amazing inspiration.

A Poetry Workshop in Print by Lee Bennett Hopkins - This column contains a number of articles highlighting poets and poetic forms. Lee works tirelessly to promote poetry, so you know there's good stuff here.
Thanks to Susan Taylor Brown for inspiring me to share. Just don't blame me when your RSS feed reader explodes. It won't be my fault.


  1. I had no idea this was taking place! Thanks so much for sharing--my head is spinning with all of the amazing new linkage :)

  2. My, my, I have never seen so much information on one blog. I have to revisit and revisit. Enjoyed reading your poems on David's blog.

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Tricia, and for sharing some great links of your own.