Friday, May 14, 2010

Poetry Friday - A Summer Shower

We've had some strange weather this week--hot and humid one day, rainy and cold the next. Those rains made me think of summer showers and this poem.
A Summer Shower
by Henry Timrod

Welcome, rain or tempest
From yon airy powers,
We have languished for them
Many sultry hours,
And earth is sick and wan, and pines with all her flowers.

What have they been doing
In the burning June?
Riding with the genii?
Visiting the moon?
Or sleeping on the ice amid an arctic noon?

Read the poem in its entirety.
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  1. I shall look forward to summer showers... they are indeed different from either winter or spring...

  2. Cool poem--favorite phrase:

    Earth will blush in roses

    HOw gorgeous is that!