Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NCTE Poetry Posts - What's Cookin'?

Here's a question for you. What happens when you spill an Earl Grey latte on your laptop? Well first you curse like a sailor (yes, I did) and hope no one hears you (they did). Then you panic. Finally, you pray that the amazing computer support folks can fix your monumental screw-up and save everything you haven't backed up on your hard drive, which is all your recent work from the last few months.

Whew! Thank goodness someone was smiling down on me! Now that I'm back, here's what I missed and what's new in our run-up to the NCTE panel on poetry and blogging.

This Week
At Poetry for Children, Featuring New Poet Jame Richards
At Wild Rose Reader, Eating Poetry, Number Two: A Poem for Lee Bennett Hopkins
At The Miss Rumphius Effect, Marilyn Singer and Monster Museum and Marilyn Singer and Monday on the Mississippi

Last Week
At Poetry for Children, Pat Mora on the Web and in Print
At Wild Rose Reader, Lee Bennett Hopkins: A Silent Mentor and The Anthologist: A Poem for Lee Bennett Hopkins

Go now, read and enjoy!

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