Saturday, August 18, 2012

Unpacking and Finding My Way Back...

For most of the summer my office looked like this.

All the while I tried to teach and keep my cool while working out of boxes and bags. 
Now I am unpacking and working hard (yes, on a Saturday) to get myself ready for the academic year. Here's what my new digs look like.

I have new paint, carpet and lights. The window will replaced at some point (they're WAY behind schedule) during the semester. OH HOW I MISSED MY BOOKS! They were so close but so far away while packed up.

Monday poetry stretch will be returning this week, as will a few reviews here and there beginning with this book by J. Patrick Lewis.
Sorry, but I've got math on the brain right now so you'll have to be patient while I work it out of my system!

So yeah, I have my computer back (though it's still not 100%), my work space, and my books. I'm ready to go. And by the way, I've missed you too!


  1. That is a beautiful office with so much bookcase space. Enjoy!

  2. Your office looks wonderful. It seems you are off to a good start. I had a couple embarrassing blunders during my first week back to work! I posted about them on my blog. I hope you'll drop by for a visit.

  3. WOW, space! Light! Shelves!

    Joy to you; happy school year.