Saturday, April 13, 2019

NPM 2019 Day 13: Prefix Poem

Long ago I read a post at the blog How A Poem Happens. In it, poet Idra Novey shared her poem Trans and described its creation. In the poem she used the prefix trans- as the title of her poem and created sections that begin -late, -gress, -mogrify, -form, and -scend

I'm quite taken with this idea and have tried writing in this form a number of times. Today I'm sharing a prefix poem of my own.


Just a dot
on the map
I once claimed
Upstate NY
but that means
something different
in the five boroughs
now western NY
is mine

Like summer corn
I grew straight
and tall here
wandering  fields
catching snakes and fireflies
loving the freedom of pedaling
fast and rolling away from
newly fertilized fields

Nearly twenty-five years
in the south
and I’m still a
puzzle missing pieces

Mom still waits
for me
I’ve worn the roads
from here to there
and back again
wondering which trip
will be my last

And then what will I do?

Poem ©Tricia Stohr-Hunt, 2019. All rights reserved.

Happy Saturday all. See you tomorrow for another original poem.


  1. Oh, this is beautiful. I will hang out with you when you return! xxxx

    1. I would love that! Sometimes I wonder if I'll still go back when she's gone, but I know I will. All these years later it still calls to me.

  2. Another beautiful form -- I like this a lot, and it really lends itself to such DEPTH!