Friday, June 12, 2009

Poetry Friday - Locks

I'm in again this week with a poem by Neil Gaiman.
by Neil Gaiman

We owe it to each other to tell stories,
as people simply, not as father and daughter.
I tell it to you for the hundredth time:

"There was a little girl, called Goldilocks,
for her hair was long and golden,
and she was walking in the Wood and she saw — "
"— cows." You say it with certainty,

remembering the strayed heifers we saw in the woods
behind the house, last month.

"Well, yes, perhaps she saw cows,
but also she saw a house."

Read the entire poem.

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  1. Good Lord, but that man is an amazing story teller. And poet. I began entertained and ended in tears. Oh to be able to write such a thing.

    My own "A Message from the Troll" is a retelling of the Three Billy Goats Gruff, but it is not new. Alas. And I think of Anne Sexton's Cinderella when I think of fairy tale retellings.

    *ponders writing another fairy tale based poem - better late than never*

  2. I love Neil Gaiman. He is amazing. I wish I could have read him as child. Noevermind, I read him now.

  3. Wow. That's awesome. Thank you so much for sharing. I need to read more of him.