Friday, November 02, 2007

Poetry Friday - My Found Poem

For the poetry stretch this week I challenged folks to write a found poem. My poem comes from lines found in letters written by my high school pen pal.
Meeting at a Distance - A Life in Letters
I am anxious to learn
what life is like
and learn of your country.
I have been anxious
to write to someone
in the United States.
I have questions.
What is life like in the U.S.A?
What do you do?
What do think about?
What do you believe?
I'll be happy if you write to me.
So long for now.

I read your letter
with much interest.
I'm very fine and happy.
You live a pleasant life.
Could it be
that we are more
alike than it would seem?
On opposite sides of the world
I feel as if
I have kept friends with you
for a long time,
though I have never
met you.
I wish I knew what I had written. I'd love to know what I told her. We stopped writing when Keiko went off to college, though I'm not sure why. I sure would love to know where she is today.

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  1. I hope you do find her. Wouldn't that be a great ending for a "found" poem?

    I really like how you joined all your lines so gently here. They all seem to flow, and I love "I have kept friends with you." How perfect.

  2. That is so touching. I can just imagine how sweet your friendship was. What a perfect "found" poem.

  3. I agree it's a perfect found poem. I didn't do a found poem today, but posted one, written by a friend, here at this link:

  4. Sweet and lovely! I've had some wonderful penpals through the years, and have saved most of their letters. Little did I realize they were sending me poems!

  5. *sighs*

    I wish I'd kept letters. I really do.

  6. All of the pen pals from school enrich our lives briefly -- you kept writing far longer than most!

    Letter writing is such a lost art, isn't it? Here's hoping you find it -- and Keiko -- again.