Saturday, November 17, 2007

Poetry Stretch Results - Renga

This week's stretch was a collective effort. Here is the renga created by the bloggers who stopped by to leave a stanza.
leaves blush then drift
down with acorns tumbling
toward quiet slumber

blankets of clouds pile
at the orange edges of the sky

cool dark sighs
from east to west
in a slow blink

dusk reveals the bones of trees
washed in cool, cleansing mist

squirrels scatter and gather
then scramble and climb
to chatter and screech

bending bare boughs
waking Old Man Winter

snowflakes drift slowly
to the ground, covering it
with a blanket of white

when the sky sits also white,
the horizon vanishes betwixt the two

one black crow
flies low against the white
crossing the circle

leaving wide silences
to listen with great charity

a tree bakes
in a mid-day thaw
and dreams of summer
It's not too late if you want to join in. Read the rules here and then leave your stanza in the comments.

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  1. Tricia, have you discovered this blog?