Saturday, December 15, 2007

Just Arrived - Sock Fairy Extraordinaire!

I have been panicking a bit this week, as the crown sonnet I am participating in has wound its way to me. I have some very big shoes to fill and need some serious good vibes in the writing department. Just in the nick of time to help me out, this lovely lady arrived today! We picked out our Douglas fir this morning, so she is the first thing to adorn it. (Thanks to Adrienne and pigeon for the idea!)
I hope she'll bring me some "good writing juju," as Vivian put it. Thanks oodles to HipWriterMama for making her (she's lovely) and sending her all the way to Virginia.

I will be taking her to the office with me this week, but until then, I guarantee she won't be lonely. William made sure she has a friend.


  1. Sock monkey looks lovely on your tree. And she has a friend! Yay!

    Can't wait to read the crown sonnet. You've got tons of talent, so I know you'll do a beautiful job. Plus sock monkey will be encouraging you...Good luck!

  2. Hi Tricia, I found out that you purchased the beaver lodge snowflake that I did for Robert's Snow. Thanks so much! I hope you or your "giftee" enjoy it. I hope it gets hung on a string of popcorn! It was made with joy, love, and hope.
    All the best for a great holiday!

  3. Adorable! That sock fairy is inspiring. :)