Thursday, December 20, 2007

Poetry Stretch Results - What Words?

For this week's stretch I challenge participants to use a list of words to write a poem in any form. The words were:
snow, frozen, wind, evening, woods, lake, village, farmhouse

These may conjure up images of a familiar poem. Ruth wrote "This really suggests Robert Frost to me." She's right. All these words come from this poem.
Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening
Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow.

You can read the rest of the poem here.

Here are the poems folks came up with using the above list.
Elaine at Wild Rose Reader gives us an untitled poem.

Ruth at There is no such thing as a God-forsaken town shares one called On Grading Essay Tests on Robert Frost. It doesn't contain all the words on the list, but fits the spirit of the poem nicely.

cloudscome at a wrung sponge shares Sock Knitting Woman, a poem that uses the words on the list as ends words.

sister AE at Having Writ was thinking Train Ride.

Blink, a third grade teacher with a blog called Bridges, left this one in the comments.

Village Evening
Winds, woods, and lake howl
As the frozen evening sets
And snow covers snow
I'm still working on my poem, but will have it tomorrow for poetry Friday. For the rest of you, it's not too late to stretch with us. Create your poem using the words above and drop me a line. Then I'll add your poem to the list.


  1. Tricia,

    I'm nearly finished with my poem. I hope to post it later today--or tomorrow morning. I'll leave a comment here when it's up at Wild Rose Reader.

  2. Tricia,

    Here's the URL of the poem I wrote for this week's Poetry Stretch.