Monday, December 31, 2007

Monday Poetry Stretch - Rhymed Couplets

My poetry princesses (you know who you are) are probably wondering if I've dropped off the face of the Earth. Well, I have in a way, being all wound up in the holidays and at home with family. William goes back to school on the 2nd (as do I), so I hope to have some time soon to finish up my sonnet. I've written a few versions (3!) and am still unsatisfied. To help me think through some ideas, I've taken to writing rhymed couplets in iambic pentameter.

That's your challenge for this week. Write a series of rhymed couplets in iambic pentameter. You don't need to put a sonnet together, but if you're so inclined . . .

So, will you join me? I'll share some of the lines that don't make it into my sonnet. Leave me a comment about your poetry and I'll post them all here later this week. In the meantime, happy writing and best wishes for 2008!


  1. I may still squeak out some couplets, but coincidentally I wrote a sonnet earlier this week. Check it out here:

    or just click

    An Artist

  2. Tricia, you're fine on the sonnet! Who gets much done at this time of year?

    Thanks for the challenge. I'll try to write a few couplets today. I love this kind of stuff!

    Happy New Year!

  3. Hi Tricia, Thanks for the stretch! Here's my effort:

  4. Tricia - "you're fine on the sonnet" is right. I could barely manage basic blog posts between December 20 and, uh, yesterday? because of company and holiday happenings and whatnot.

    I will accept the challenge for today's work. Especially since rhymed couplets in iambic pentameter work so well for my Jane Project.

  5. I guess I was thinking in couplets because I came up with this poem for another challenge:
    To the Editor

  6. This is an older piece, but it's still kinda cute:

    The Fish's Tale