Saturday, February 28, 2009

Interview with Joseph Bruchac

I'm crazy about the work of Joseph Bruchac. You can learn more about him at Motivating Young Readers: An Interview with Famed Children's Book Author Joseph Bruchac. Here's an excerpt from the introduction.
In honor of NEA's Read Across America, I'm posting an exclusive interview with celebrated children's book author Joseph Bruchac, who for over 30 years has captivated millions of young readers with his more than 70 books. His writing often draws inspiration from his Abenaki Indian heritage and offers a strong corrective to what Bruchac sees as widespread and damaging stereotypes about American Indians.

Bruchac spoke with me about strategies for motivating children to read.He offered ideas for helping struggling readers, resources parents and teachers can use to combat stereotypes in children's literature, thoughts on the promise and perils of the internet, observations the shortcomings of standardized assessments, and a preview of his forthcoming books.
It's a wonderful piece. Do take a few minutes to listen to it.

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  1. Tricia,

    I love Joe Bruchac's work, too. We had him as a speaker at our March reading council dinner in 2007. He's an inspiring man. He also visited with the students in my children's literature course the next day.

    His son Jim is a great visiting author in schools. He's a wonderful storyteller and works with classes of children having them write original pourquoi tales.

    Thanks for the link to this interview.