Monday, February 09, 2009

Monday Poetry Stretch - Love, Love, Love

I'll admit it right here and right now that I generally despise love poems. UGH. Hey, I'm the girl who wanted to elope. I just don't go in for that romantic stuff (no really). I do have a fondness for Ted Kooser and enjoyed the poems in his Valentines collection. You can hear him read a few in this NPR story.

As unromantic as I am, I thought it would be interesting to write a love poem. There is a catch, however. The love poem you write cannot include any terms of endearment or words of adoration. How's that for you? A Love poem without explicit words of love. Also, you don't necessarily need to write about a person, as surely there are those who love things as much as people (or pets).

So, there's your challenge. Leave me a comment about your love poem and I'll post the results here later this week.


  1. My poem is on my FaceBook page.


  2. I used to write powerful love poems.

    You can choose to accept this or not:


  3. I wrote one this morning but I am afraid it is too sad to share.

  4. I will share...this poem is for Romeo and Juliet

    On this day a promise died.
    It was a promise that couldn’t be kept, you ask why?

    Well on this day he lost his love.
    A tragedy not sent from above.

    He lost his love in a terrible way.
    He will never forget the memory of that day.

    The day was so calmed, so beautiful.
    The memory was so sad, so terrible.

    She broke the promise because of pain.
    She couldn’t stand to live another day.

    So on this day, Valentines.
    Two loves were destroyed because of suicide.

  5. Finding this blog a couple of weeks ago has changed my life. I have started writing poetry after many years and over the weekend set up my own blog so that I would have a place to post the poems. I am very new with the technicalities of this and battling with making the linkages. But here goes. You can find my poem about love in my blog.

  6. Love's a lark
    Love's a thrill.
    The opposite of LOVE?

  7. Nice challenge! I've posted a valentine with no words of endearment over at The Drift Record

  8. P.S. Jane - Am I going to have to join FaceBook to see your poem? Can someone talk me into signing up with FaceBook? I'm resisting.

  9. I posted my poem in the comments section of your poem. Thanks!

  10. Send me an email and I will email the poem to you, Julie.

    I tried putting it here but thge formatting got screwed up.

  11. Hi Tricia, Here is mine:

  12. Jane - my email is