Sunday, May 01, 2011

Poetry Month Recap

Thirty days of poetry posts have come and gone. I always embark on an April project and then about a week in wonder exactly what I've gotten myself into. I desperately needed to get back in the blogging habit, and these poetry posts were my kick start. I still didn't get to every book, poet, or theme I hoped, but still feel pretty pleased with what I did cover.

In case you missed one or two or more, here are my April poetry posts. Instead of simply listing by date, you'll find them grouped thematically.

Math, Science and Nature
29 - Evolution and Extinction
28 - Diggin' On Dinosaurs
18 - Snakes
17 - In the Garden
7 - Life in the Sea
5 - The Trip Around the Sun
4 - Crazy for Insects
3 - Math and Poetry

Language and Literature
30 - All About Poetry
24 - Spanish/English Poetry
22 - Concrete Poetry
14 - Amazing Acrostics
11 - Just Haiku

27 - More Music! (Musical Poetry, Part 2)
26 - Just Jazz! (Musical Poetry, Part 1)

People and Places
25 - America in Poems
23 - In the Big City
20 - Notable Women
15 - Family Poems
10 - We Are All the Same
6 - Down on the Farm
2 - Of Castles and Commoners

Pets and Pastimes
16 - Feline Felicity
9 - Gone To the Dogs
8 - Take Me Out To the Ballgame

A Potpourri of Topics
21 - On Your Feet (Poetry about footwear!)
19 - Small Things
13 - Food, Glorious Food!
12 - Back to School
1 - A Red Wheelbarrow, LOVE THAT DOG, and Williams

Thanks for joining me for the ride. It's been fun.


  1. Wowee. That's all I can say. Wowee. This is going in my sidebar. Thank you, Tricia! A.

  2. What an amazing month you have given us. Thank you. I feel richer for your posts.