Saturday, April 10, 2021

NPM 2021 - Found Poem 10

Today's poem comes from p. 15, 80-81, 99, and 160 of Astrophysics for Young People in a Hurry, written by Neil deGrasse Tyson with Gregory Mone.

The Greatest Story Ever Told

big bang
gravity working to bring
   everything together
expanding universe working to 
   spread everything out
   matter all

big bang
forged one-of-a-kind
unbelievably strange
yet atoms and particles
that make our bodies
are spread across the universe
   making us one
   and the same

Poem ©Tricia Stohr-Hunt, 2021. All rights reserved.

I hope you'll come back tomorrow and see what new poem I've found. Until then, you may want to read previous poems in this series. I'm also sharing these found poems as images on my Instagram in case you want to see them all in one place. 
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  1. Lovely. NdGT is such a "in a hurry" kind of guy I don't know that he'd be still enough to write poetry, yet his observations on the universe are almost always beautifully stated.

  2. I love that your poem has so many facts and ends with this one fundamental truth: "making us one/and the same." Beautiful.