NPM 2019 Original Poems

Here you will find the collected links for my 2019 National Poetry Month Project in which I shared an original poem each day.

Day 1: A Triolet for Spring
Day 2: Ekphrastic Haiku
Day 3: Hollar's Work
Day 4: Inspired by Calvin and Hobbes
Day 5: Poetry Sisters Write Anagram Poems
Day 6: Minor Miracles Happen Every Day
Day 7: Paoay Church
Day 10: Picture Day
Day 11: Mirror
Day 12: Blackout Poem
Day 13: Prefix Poem
Day 14: A Cartwheel Is a Poem
Day 15: A Watermelon Poem
Day 16: A Poem on Time
Day 17: Where Readers Come From
Day 18: Ode to an Oriental Rug